Weight Management

Weight management help for pets in Anchorage

Weight Management
Let Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital help you with your pet's weight management needs. We all love our pets and want to see them happy. For many of us, we give this happiness by offering little treats. We forget that these little treats are often very large for our pets. For a 20 pound dog, one square of cheese is equal to feeding 2 hamburgers and 2 chocolate bars eaten by an average size human. Many of us are unaware of the huge caloric difference between us and our four-legged friends. Learn more here and call us for help.


Obesity can cause and, in some cases, worsen many diseases such as painful joints, diabetes, and feline urinary conditions. Show your pet you love them by taking them on a long walk and providing low-calorie, nutritious treats instead of sharing, “just a few” french fries. Obesity causes an average of 2 years less life expectancy for dogs and cats.

Our pets do not have to give up treats to stay thin! The type and size of treats should be changed and managed. Portion size is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. A large treat for a small dog can equal the caloric intake of a meal.
Weight management help for pets in Anchorage, AK


Many nutritional treats can be packed with calories. For example, Greenies are healthy treats, but they pack a huge caloric punch! These tasty treats should be given sparingly, size appropriately, and not during a weight loss program.

Healthy alternatives

A good low-calorie treat for dogs can be fresh carrots and canned green beans. Surprisingly, dogs often love these treats and they are very low in calories. In addition to treats, canned green beans can be added to meals to help your pet feel full, while taking in less calories. In addition to fresh vegetables and fruits, good quality, low calorie, pre-made dog and cat treats are also available.

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