Military Support

We Love Our Military!

Here at Chester Valley we appreciate our military. We have a long history of supporting our military clients by providing a 10% discount off of all services.
Military spouses that we have the pleasure of working with

Some of our military spouses that we have had the pleasure to work with!

Showing Our Support

Our lives are enriched with every military member and military family that comes through our doors. From our experience the military is a wonderful representation of what makes this country so great. It is a melting pot of ethnicity, age, religion, geographical backgrounds, genders and experiences. All of whom share an amazing love and blazing pride for America. It is a pleasure to share the love of their pets and to be a small part of their journey through life. 

Supporting Military Families

Over the years many of our staff come and go and many people may not realize that this is largely in part because we frequently hire military spouses. Each and every one of those lovely ladies has made a powerful impact on our lives and hearts. Our business would not be quite the same without the influence and compassion each employee contributes during their time with us. 
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