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Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital can microchip your pet for you. Have you ever wandered the streets at night looking for your pet? Maybe he/she slipped out while you were taking out the trash, or finally made it through the hole under the fence. Either way, you have felt that intense feeling of panic. During those moments, all we can imagine the worst, but it doesn't have to be that way. Learn more about microchipping here and make an appointment to get your pet "chipped" today!

We'll help you register

We have an opportunity to keep our pets safe! By microchipping and registering your pet, you will never be separated for long. Many pet owners will forget to register their pet’s microchip. Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital takes that step for you. We will register your pet, in the national registry, at the time of chipping. We will also keep a record of your pet’s chip number and help you if you need to update your address or phone number in the future.
MIcrochip installed in your pet in Anchorage, AK

Why microchip my pet?

The first step most people take when they find a lost pet is to call nearby veterinary hospitals or their city’s animal control center. When this occurs, the clinic or animal control center will ask for the animal to be brought in. They will immediately check for a microchip or tag identification. Tag identification is good but can fall off, become broken, or unreadable due to age. If a pet has a microchip, the national registry is contacted and the owner’s information is given. The owner is then contacted and the family reunited.

If the pet does not have a microchip or tag identification, the pet is considered lost or abandoned and will be placed in animal control. If the pet is in need of medical attention, this is often only minimally provided until the owner is contacted. This can be a very serious situation if the animal has a life threatening illness or injury.

The procedure

The microchipping process is very quick and easy. It can be performed during any veterinary visit. Once complete, this process does not need to be repeated again in the pet’s lifetime. The microchip is a small device, approximately the size of a grain of rice. It is inserted directly under the patient’s skin. In that device is a number that is specific to your pet and will be registered to your pet for their lifetime. If you move or change your phone number, this information needs to be updated with the national registry. For added security, other friend’s or relative’s addresses and phone numbers can also be filed under your pet’s number. These phone numbers and addresses are not sold or given out for any use other than registering your pet.

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